Arts After Dark: October 23, 2010 Attracted more than 200 Visitors

ArtEgg Studios hosted Arts After Dark, an artists’ showcase of the finest work from New Orleans and London. 50 artists from each city will join together as their work is displayed in a 100sqft 10×10 grid formation, curated by London-based artist Carne Griffiths.  In addition to 100sqft, Arts After Dark showcased the work of 100 artists and reopens in London on November 27th. There are two main themes are: rebirth and light.

Rebirth:  In the wake of the devastating floods wrought by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, New Orleans has slowly started to recover.  A city wiith incredibly diverse cultural heritage, it seems only right that art play a role in this regeneration.  Arts After Dark is  inspired by this theme of triumph over adversity, whereby the forces of creativity overcome those of destruction.

Light:  Artists use light in the most stunningly inventive ways. New Orleans was plunged into a kind of post-Katrina darkness. Arts After Dark highlights the vibrant color and dynamism for which New Orleans is famous. The show attracted more than 250 people who visited once the sun set. 

Participating artists and musicians:  In addition, 13 exciting artists will be showing their work, some well-known in New Orleans and others for the first time. Among the latter will be London-based artist Dan Baldwin who has exhibited worldwide for many years and whose work is highly valued by collectors;. New Orleans artists will include Steve Martin, who works in a wide range of media, and the video and installation artist, Dave Greber. Also exhibiting will be painter George McClements – whose dramatic and colourful work is inspired by the jazz and blues music for which the city is so famous – and Rumanian immigré Viorel Hodre, whose work with what she terms “Sculptured Light” were stunning in the Arts After Dark’s night-time ambience. The names of the other participating artists will be released shortly. ArtEgg’s resident artists who opened their studios to welcome guests included: Jane Drew, Deedra Ludwing, Fred Plunkett, and Jane Talton, the Alliance for Affordable Energy Build Smart Resource Center, the Foundation for African Development and the Heritage Foundation for Art and Cultural Sustainability.   

Music will be provided throughout the evening by two live bands, the Steve Masakowski  who is probably best known on the New Orleans modern jazz scene for his many years of work with Astral Project, playing the unique 7-string guitar which is his own invention live and on their many award-winning albums.