The Studio School is a proprietary school, located in ArtEgg Studios, 1001 South Broad Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. ArtEgg Studios is a 50,000 square foot, former produce warehouse that has been converted to working studios for artists, collectors, museums. An urban creative arts center, ArtEgg Studios has more than 30 tenants representing the rich diversity of the arts.

There is a Design Lab which is available for students and provides internet access, state-of the art equipment for photographic and digital documentation. Classes are held in the Studio School multimedia classroom which holds a maximum of 24 students. There is a kitchen, art library and access to a major and growing collection of ethnographic and artwork. The latter is part of the donated work for the Heritage Foundation for Art and Cultural Sustainability, also housed at ArtEgg Studios. The value of the Foundation’s collection is approximately $400,000. After completing Level I courses, students will be prepared to work on designated teaching collections from this rich and varied corpus of art. Field placements will be organized with cooperating institutions such as the New Orleans African American Art Museum, Crescent Gallery, the Ogden Museum, the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Arts Council of New Orleans, the Conservation Studio of Richard White, No-Ox Fumigation Services, Kenneth Jay Linsners’ Conservation and Valuation Lab and private collections.

There are individual painters, collectors, set builders, conservators, woodworkers and glassblowers who have working studios in ArtEgg. These professional artists will be the mentors for Level II courses and several studios will be available as venues for Level III internships.