The goal of the Studio School is to provide a learning environment in a multi-disciplinary arts location that trains students to organize, protect, document and display art and objects that represent the rich diversity of human creativity. The School is located at ArtEgg Studios, a location that houses more than 30 working artists and collectors. As a result, Studio School students will be able to interact with painters, photographers, writers, collectors, glass blowers, woodcarvers, potters and printmakers as well as conservators.

The Studio School provides technical training to art and art-related workers to learn the technical aspects of art documentation, care and handling. In addition, the Studio School provides a rich environment for academic as well as hands-on experience in a laboratory setting that enables students to experience a broad range of fine and decorative art and objects from different cultures.

The Studio School offers the Certificate in Art Documentation, which requires 24 credit hours of study. The Studio School trains people for positions such as Gallery Assistant, Museum Technician, Art Documentation Specialist, Archival Assistant and other entry-level positions in the art world.

Studio School Logo About our Logo

The logo symbolizes the interconnectivity of the arts and humankind; the balancing of the artistic pallet with the curator’s eye, together forming a unified whole. So too the Studio School seeks to develop artistic appreciation, preservation and conservation so that humankind’s creative endeavors can be appreciated for generations to come.