ArtEgg Studios is a multi-use commercial rental building in New Orleans. A former produce warehouse, ArtEgg has 50 unique studios for rent, under the Broad Street Overpass. Look for the iconic sign: Everybody Loves a Good Egg!

ArtEgg is a creative space that envisions an optimal working environment that values and appreciates the diversity and richness of New Orleans and each other.

Today we have studios and offices for rent in Mid City New Orleans. Formerly ArtEgg was a produce warehouse – and converted to a multi-use commercial building in 2001.

First floor units, many of which are old coolers, have concrete floors, tend to be large with access from front, side, and back loading docks. Second floor units typically have great light, original flooring, access to a paint sink and freight elevator.

Why is ArtEgg unique? ArtEgg is an organic space in New Orleans that comprises an eclectic community. Originally conceived and built as studios for rent, ArtEgg has evolved to include a broad spectrum of artists, artisans, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small business owners, including Partners in Philanthropy, a consulting for-profit and nonprofit advisory service.   Our community is comprised of artists, artisans, hobbyists, stylists, photographers, collectors, nonprofits, small businesses, and a recording studio and rehearsal space. 

Second, we have several unique services within ArtEgg including: N2N, a wine shop; Atelier Vie, a distiller; the Clay Center of New Orleans, and, Studio 101 NOLA, a music recording and rehearsal space John Poche’s kinetic sculptures enhance the garden and showcase his work. There are more than 50 unique spaces used by more than 50 unique individuals and business – less than 2 miles from the French Quarter.

We value the lives of everyone at ArtEgg and everyone visiting ArtEgg. In respect of our environment and City laws, ArtEgg is a non-smoking facility and weapons are not allowed on premises.

Want to be part of our New Orleans community? Want to rent a space at ArtEgg?  Please send us an email: