Within Our Community

ArtEgg October, 2020 Newsletter

In accordance with City and State regulations,

Masks are to keep everyone in our community safe.
(Note that the only place masks are not required are in your individual studios!)
Put your mask on once you get out of your car, in hallways or public spaces- not sometimes but always!

(Including parking lots and gardens)

In compliance with City regulations- there is NO Smoking at ArtEgg- not on ArtEggg property, not in public spaces and not in your studio!

We continue to hope that everyone is well.  
Please keep our community safe. 

After a successful show at the
Octavia Gallery, some of 
John Poche’s work has returned to to ArtEgg.
We welcome “Four Runaway Rectangles” to the downstairs Hallway.
Please see, but do not touch this amazing sculpture!

ArtEgg Currently Has Space to Rent!
If interested,please contact:
Dr. Esther Dyer

These studios are available now:
Unit 128@$1800
(Above unit has 5 workstations, carpeting,
and central air.)

Unit 209@$475
Unit 217@$725

Please contact Steve Bishoff to schedule a tour.

The “Clay Center” 
features many artists throughout the year.
For more information contact

“The Clay Center’s website”.
Check status/purchase supplies;

or call

Please note that N2N is open for pick up
every day 11am-9pm.
Please go on line or https:/n2n.salesvu.com/ or call Steve at 504.259.2353 or 503.777.7626

Atelier Vie’s Tasting Room is closed but you can order and pick up bottles.
Visit http://ateliervie.com/
for a list of spirits and to schedule your appointment.

Atelier Vie’s is also making/selling Hand Sanitizer
 750ml-$15 or a case of $12-$150
They accept cash (exact change) or credit cards
Please email jedd@ateliervie.com  or call/text 504.813.7400
to arrange your purchase.

Important Notice Continues:
For ArtEgg’s sake- make sure that all doors are closed and do not provide access for anyone that is not an ArtEgg tenant. 
    All tenants must be responsible for their own guest.

We have noticed that carts and other common elements have been left on the front dock-please make sure to rerturn all ArtEgg carts, etc. when finished!


Use of ArtEgg Docks and Alterations to Units

1. The back and front loading docks are for everyone’s enjoyment-they are not a space to do your messy projects that can be contained in your studio.  If you do use the back dock, make sure to clean up after yourself so others can enjoy the sunset.

2. Alterations to the Unit- All physical alterations or installations (such as air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical, or related work) done to the leased Unit by Lessee shall be done by a licensed and bonded contractor unless otherwise agreed to by Arbor.
Any improvements shall be done only with prior written permission of Arbor.  Said improvements become the property of Arbor at lease termination, unless agreed otherwise in writing.  There are several tenants who have cut holes in walls or doors-this is not allowed and you incur a fee to replace the doors, or to repair the walls.  Please check with Elliot to see what is allowed.


Open gates and open doors are NOT good for security- please be diligent and follow the guidelines below to help protect our community:
1.Close the back gate always-not just when it’s convenient-keep it closed!
2.Close the Sculpture Garden sliding door- at night and when no
one is in the garden.
   3. Keep the front door closed-Do Not admit anyone you don’t know-
all visitors should have a host!
4. DO NOT prop the front or back doors open-NOT ONCE-NOT EVER! 
 5. If you see an access door open-please close it as a courtesy to others in our community!
(Exceptions are of course made for “First Fridays” and special occasions-on a case to case basis-approved by Elliot, Steve or Esther.)


TRASH must be broken down and put in the dumpster-your trash is your responsibility.  Do not leave trash next to the dumpster. It will not be picked up!  If we have to remove your trash from the dumpster, we will charge you for the service.  If you have large items that need to be hauled away-please do it yourself or contact Charlie.

UNIT MODIFICATIONS must be approved by Elliot or Esther, prior to making any changes-this includes making holes in walls or doors-this damages our property.  As per your lease, all changes must be pre-approved. Please note that any changes must be reviewed and you will be charged to correct the damages you have caused.  This includes anything attached to the walls. With regards to A/C units, please contact Charlie to confirm that your unit meets our requirements prior to purchase.

Rental Information- Dr. Esther R. Dyer
504.822.4002   erdyer@gmail.com
ToursSteve Bishoff  504.259.2353  stevebishoff@gmail.com
Exhibits, signs, unit proposed modifications
Elliot Perkins 504.343.7147 elliottperkins@gmail.com  (and Esther)
ArtEgg RepairsEsther and Elliot
Bookkeeper- Emily Dodart
504.214.7636 emilydodart@gmail.com
Emergency- Elliot, Steve, Esther,
and Charlie 504.491.8386

If you have news or events that you would like to post for the November 2020 newsletter, please send them to Ruth and Deb at redyer@comcast.net by
Oct. 26, 2020, so we can share them with ArtEgg folks in November.  We’d love to hear what creative adventurous endeavors you are pursuing and creating at ArtEgg, if you’d like to share them with others!

Please be advised that NO spray painting on loading docks is allowed.  Spray painting damages the loading dock.  We expect everyone to adhere to this policy…failure to do so results in a $200 fine for the first violation and immediate eviction for a second offense. Please take note-we appreciate your adherence!
Boils and BBQs

Boils and BBQs are not permitted at ArtEgg. Exceptions can be made – but you need to consult with Elliott Perkins and have insurance, a plan for clean up and reserve your date well in advance.
Hurricane Plan
Please note that in the event of a mandatory evacuation, ArtEgg will be closed.  

Make sure your insurance coverage is up-to-date! It is advisable to move your personal property to the center of your studio in case any windows are damaged.    
Don’t miss the daily N2N Tours and perks for tenants!
Your local wine source is open, and SUPER convenient! Enjoy great wines from around the world in the shoppe, on the dock, or in the garden! Already have a favorite wine, but can’t find it in our local stores? They can help secure it for you! Open 12-8 Tuesday- Saturday.

Tell your friends, and as an added bonus- If you bring a prospective ArtEgg tenant- we’ll host drinks all around!


As you know, all ArtEgg tenants are REQUIRED to have insurance for their units. Everyone MUST PROVIDE AN “ACORD FORM” AS PROOF OF INSURANCE!

If you don’t have an Acord Form, please contact your current insurance provider and they should be able to help you.

Acord forms are a way of standardizing the system on multiple tenant insurance plans. Please send any new or updated insurance forms to our Good Egg, Heather Booth at arteggsgoodegg@gmail.com
POLICY FOR TENANTS WITHOUT INSURANCE!! If you do not have up to date insurance for your space at ArtEgg, you may be subject to fines and lease termination.

We regret this, but we have no choice.  Arbor’s insurance company is insisting on this requirement- and it is a contractual obligation of your lease.

If you have not filed for insurance yet, NOW IS THE TIME! Once you’re insured, please send a copy of your certificate to arteggsgoodegg@gmail.com.Below is a list of a few insurance companies that some of your fellow tenants use: Acord Boudreaux & Associates Hiscox Liberty Mutual Sentinel Insurance State Farm
PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE ARTEGG PROPERTY FROM THE PREMISES It has come to our attention that property belonging to ArtEgg has been removed from the common areas and hallways.  We’re so happy to have all of you as tenants, but please treat our things as you would want your things treated.  Please don’t remove anything from the ArtEgg campus unless you have EXPRESS permission from Steve, Elliiot, or Esther.  
Reminders + Other Announcements
~ Because all bathrooms at ArtEgg are shared throughout our community, PLEASE be courteous and keep them clean.  If you see anything that needs immediate attention, please text Steve at 504.259.2353 

~ IMPORTANT ~ Please remember there is no smoking or use of illegal drugs allowed on the ArtEgg premises.  ARTEGG RULES ARE VERY SPECIFIC ABOUT THIS- FAILURE TO KEEP THE LAW IS A CONDITION OF YOUR LEASE.

~ If you have not submitted your insurance certificates, please do so by the end of the month.  They can be sent to us via email or put in the safe.

~ Please do not let people you DON’T KNOW into ArtEgg – if they are guests of tenants, their host needs to be responsible for the visit.

~ Pets are not allowed at ArtEgg- you love them and so do we- but not as a part of our community.  Service dogs are an exception.


~ Please keep the EggKrewe Bar and the Upstairs Breakroom clean.  If you use them please pick up after yourself and take the trash out.